Are Melbourne Movers More Expensive on Weekends?

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Moving homes in Melbourne happens every day in every suburb, but as any professional Melbourne moving company will tell you, Fridays and weekends are always in high demand.


For the majority, the working week starts on a Monday and ends on a Friday. Taking time off work to move homes is not feasible for most employees or business owners, so opting for a Saturday or Sunday Melbourne move seems to be the best solution. For some, finishing work early on a Friday can be easily arranged, which is why booking an expert Melbourne Removalist Company on a Friday can cost more as well.

It is true that most removalists in Melbourne charge higher rates on weekends and this is usually because the movers themselves are entitled to a higher wage for hours outside the typical Monday to Friday working week.  Demand for weekend moves also drives the fees up slightly.

Weekend moving rates tend to hover around the $160-$175 mark. This fee includes two expert movers, a sufficient truck for your furniture and goods as well as travel time from depot to depot. Monday to Thursday moves cost roughly $130-$145. Depending on how much furniture you have, and the distance between your properties and the depot, the number of required hours will differ, hence affecting the total cost. Most moves take 4-6 hours, which would mean moving in Melbourne on a weekend would cost an extra $100-$150 in total.

If weekend moving rates are too expensive, you may consider scheduling a weekday move.

If you have packed properly, clearly labelled all your boxes, and feel confident in your chosen moving company, they should be able to handle the move independently, or with just one member of your household present on moving day.

Everyone’s lifestyle is different, and for some it is easy to justify the 20% higher moving fee for the convenience of moving homes at the end of the week.

It is always best to discuss your needs with the experienced team at Dawson Moving & Storage. They will be able to recommend the most cost-efficient Melbourne moving solution for you. Call (03) 9763 0222.

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