Why Should You Hire a Furniture Removalist in Melbourne?

Furniture Removalist in Melbourne

Furniture Removalist in MelbourneHire a Furniture Removalist in Melbourne

Melbourne is infamous for unpredictable weather. Choosing an AFRA affiliated and professional Furniture Removalist in Melbourne will ensure that rain does not affect the success of your Melbourne move.

Leading up to your scheduled moving day you will likely be checking the weather forecast. If rain is forecast, be sure to do the following;

Protect soft furnishings and mattresses

According to many furniture removalists in Melbourne mattresses, sofas and artwork require the most protection from rain. Talk to your chosen company about plastic rain covers as they may be able to provide these on the day. Otherwise, you can buy these from good hardware or art supply stores.

Have plenty of towels and drop sheets on hand

You will want to protect the floors or carpets at your new destination during the unloading stage. Furniture removalists recommend laying drop sheets or towels near the entrance to allow uninterrupted and swift unloading of good and furniture. Towels will also be useful for wiping dry any furniture or household items at the destination.

Label clearly for maximum efficiency

Regardless of the weather conditions in Melbourne on the day of your move, removalists advise to clearly label your goods to ensure correct and swift placement at your new home or office. In wet conditions, this is even more beneficial.

Double check utility connections

Furniture removal companies stress the importance of ensuring your utilities are connected and running at your new address prior to moving day. Rainy days are usually quite dark and adequate lighting is required for successful placement of furniture and goods. In addition, you will feel more at home with some effective heating and access to a hot cup of tea or coffee. Electricity is essential for smooth moving,

Dress the Part

Even if you have called on the expert removalists, your participation in the move is invaluable. Ensure you dress appropriately for rainy weather, with waterproof boots or runners and a light raincoat. You may want to pack a bag of extra clothes in case you get wet for yourself and friends or family.

Set yourself up for the best move possible by choosing the most experienced furniture removalists in Melbourne. Call Dawson Moving & Storage directly at 03 9763 0222.

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