Why Melbourne Removals Require Expertise

Throughout Melbourne, people are moving homes and offices every day. As common as Melbourne removal jobs are, often removals present challenges which should be carefully taken into account and planned for prior to the big day.

According to Dawson Moving & Storage (an AFRA Aligned national company), these are some of the top challenges which surface during removals in Melbourne:

Stairs and Space Restriction

It may seem obvious, but stairs and tight spaces can cause trouble during a typical Melbourne home or office removal. Professional removalists will be able to manage this challenge with their experience and knowledge of safe handling and practice. Taking extra care during a removal involving stairs is essential, as appliances and delicate furniture items can easily become damaged or cause damage to walls if not handled correctly.

Difficult Access

Sometimes a Melbourne removal is challenging because the property access is unusual or restrictive. This is generally the case in built up suburbs, high traffic areas, streets on inclines or slopes or in mixed residential and commercial zones. Expert Melbourne removalists will pre-plan these types of moves to ensure the most appropriate schedule and number of removalists required to get the job done swiftly and successfully. If you are planning to move out of a property where access may be an issue, discuss this concern with your preferred Melbourne removal company.

Specialty Requirements for Furniture or Goods

There are several household items which need to be considered as specialty items when it comes to their safe removal. These include antiques, billiard tables, aquariums, oversized marble or glass pieces, sculptures and other valuable items. Not only do they require the expertise of experienced removalists for safe handling, but their careful relocation requires the use of specific equipment which needs to be brought along on the day.

Time Constraints

Circumstances can arise where a Melbourne removal is required to happen with little notice. Whether this is a residential or commercial property, a rushed move can present challenges for removalists such as; badly packed boxes, loose items, unemptied fridges and cupboards, and an overall feeling of haste which can cause a messy move. For companies with plenty of industry experience, these problems can often be avoided, so it is recommended to choose a reputable company to confidently handle a removal which involves time constraints.

If you can foresee that your Melbourne removal involves added challenges, speak to your chosen professional removalists as soon as possible. The best removal company will know the right questions to ask during the quoting and planning stage of your enquiry so that all circumstances can be accommodated. A well-considered and pre-planned removal will be the difference between a stressful or smooth transition.


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