Moving Houses in Melbourne ? Prepare Your Home like a Pro!

There’s no doubt that moving houses is associated with stress and last minute mayhem, but there are certainly ways to avoid this. Here are some and handy hints and practical advice from some movers in Melbourne, to help prepare for your move.


This word gets thrown around a lot when it comes to moving houses, but it is an essential starting point. Label some large heavy duty bags ‘Donate, Sell, Wash & Fold” and this will prompt you to eliminate your items in an organised way. It is recommended by movers in Melbourne to start this process up to 8 weeks before your scheduled move date. Melbourne swap and sell websites, or Facebook pages can be a good place to list your valuable and unwanted items, and there are plenty of charities which will accept pre-loved clothes, household items, toys and miscellaneous items.

When moving houses in Melbourne, it is vital to arrive at your new apartment or home with furniture, clothes and household items you will actually use and enjoy so don’t be afraid to get rid of old things.

Book Hard Rubbish Collections

Most councils in Melbourne allow each address to book a hard rubbish collection up two 3 times per year. Experienced movers in Melbourne recommend booking one hard rubbish collection 4-6 weeks prior to your move and another one for the week you vacate. This will facilitate the decluttering process and give you a real waste removal opportunity.

Book a Furniture Removalist or Plan Your DIY Move on Paper

It is best to schedule your preferred moving date as soon as possible, at least 4-6 weeks prior to the move so that you can arrange a reputable mover in Melbourne to assist you on the day. Choosing an AFRA associated removalist company is the best option for a professional and reliable outcome. Your Melbourne mover will discuss any specific needs you may have; such as short or long term storage, pet transport, antique removal, piano or billiard table removal etc. to ensure a smooth transition.

If you plan to move your furniture and goods independently, you will most likely need to book a trailer, truck or secure the help of friends or relatives with large vehicles. When moving houses in Melbourne without the help of a removalist you should research the best way to manoeuvre electrical items and oversized goods to avoid damaging them or the property itself.

Administrative Tasks

Allocate a full day, roughly 3-4 weeks prior to your move to spend time calling your utility providers and arranging disconnection and reconnection of your utilities; water, electricity, gas, phone and internet, Foxtel etc. Take clear notes regarding the new rates and dates provided by your companies for future reference. Spend this time advising all of your service providers; vicroads, medicare, banks, insurance companies, schools, workplaces, medical providers about your new mailing and contact details.

Packing Your Home

From 8 weeks before the big day, packing should be done in slow, thought out stages. Obviously getting your hand on packing materials, including extra tape and markers is the best place to start, and generally your Melbourne removalist company can supply and deliver these for a fee. During the parallel decluttering process, you can carefully fill boxes room by room. If you have an area in your home or garage you use least, its best to gather all packed boxes in this one area so that they are not in the way of your day to day life. Be aware that the kitchen always take the longest to pack, so you can begin by wrapping platters, glassware and crockery you seldom use early in the process. A box a day can reduce the packing load dramatically when the moving week draws near.

A physical calendar on the fridge can really help to actively stay on top of your moving schedule. Stay organised, and stay in control for the ultimate smooth house move in Melbourne.

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