Moving Out of a Melbourne Apartment Requires Expert Planning And Advice

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When it comes to furniture removal in the city and more heavily populated areas of Melbourne, logistics and careful planning are critical factors in achieving a hassle-free experience. Melbourne city movers can provide the best outcomes when their clients take it upon themselves to prepare for the big day properly.

Furniture movers in Melbourne will agree that the following action plan during the lead up to an apartment or city move will help save you time, money and unnecessary stress.

Schedule your Melbourne city or apartment move for a weekend day or off-peak time. Traffic congestion can make it difficult for furniture removal trucks to stick to their timeline. When booking in your preferred Melbourne furniture removalist, ask them for their professional advice regarding your exact location. Most likely, if they are experienced Melbourne city movers, they will be able to provide you with some helpful checklists and tips.

Access the ‘move-out’ protocol from your body corporate manager. Most Melbourne apartment buildings have move in and move out guidelines specific to their building, and these should be available from your body corporate manager or property manager.


Lift Reservation. If your building has a lift, arrange to have it prepared for your furniture transportation at least one week prior to moving day. Giving your building manager plenty of notice will avoid any lift damage issues which can be quite costly.

Truck Parking Arrangements. Advice for furniture removalist trucks should be contained in move out guidelines document. Whether you are given loading zone access, basement parking or a designated off street loading area, be sure to seek permission to secure the space for the correct time and date you are planning to move well in advance.

Stairs and Narrow Corridors. Furniture movers in Melbourne, especially those who frequently undertake Melbourne city removal jobs, are well-rehearsed in manoeuvring household items down stairs and through tight spaces. But it is important to advise your furniture removalists early on that stairs are involved. This factor may change the price of the removal quote, as an extra pair of hands, or specialty equipment may be required on the day.

For those moving out of Melbourne apartments, one of the most important considerations is to avoid damaging the common areas of the building. By employing a reputable AFRA associated Melbourne city mover company, you will be protecting your goods, and the property from damage as much as possible.

By being prepared in advance and communicating your needs clearly to your furniture movers, you will set yourself up for the smoothest move possible.

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